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» » T&n - When Eagles Die

T&n - When Eagles Die

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When eagles die...
They don't just fly away...fly away...
The time has come
Their will must fade away...fade away...MMMMM
It's not a loss of innocence
It's just a raging game, When Eagles die!
Shut down to dream. When eagles die
I feel the rage come over me. When eagles die!

Where evil goes...
It's always chasing me, chasing me....
As days go on...The end's no fantasy, fantasy...ooohhh
Can't let the vision die...suffocate
Can't let our hearts divide, Keep it straight
I can't just close my eyes...it'd be a big mistake
I let the eagle die...Shut down to dream
When eagles die...I feel the rage come over me
When eagles die!

Can you remember what it feels like?
Or what we had long ago?
I only hope that there's a daylight...shining through the storm.
I can't let it die away, but it's too far gone.
No coming home!
When eagles die, can't stop the pain...
When eagles die, can't fly away...No Coming Home
When Eagles Die, Apocalyptic Fantasies!
Salvation's killing me!
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