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» » C Dot Castro - Kilo

C Dot Castro - Kilo

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You know what?
I can, I can write something that
Can make someone that hates me the most
Have to really respect or love the song

[Verse 1]
I got it they want it we keep it one hundred
You know that it's real
These niggas be hating but they only hate cause they don't know how it feel
To be living like me no I ain't no gangster but I keep it so G
Everybody know me cause when you spit that crack by the kilo it's hard to keep-keep it low key
I'm coming with classics that shit that's forever that shit that be timeless
Type of shit that when you show your friends they wondering where the fuck did you find this
And this ain't even me at my finest
I'm the king boy address me as your highness
Got your girl all on my zipper, that's thanks to my flyness

[Hook : Kanye West & C Dot Castro]
You can't buy this
(That's thanks to my flyness)
(thanks to my flyness)
You can't buy this
(That's thanks to my flyness)
I got a right to be a lil bit snobbish

[Verse 2]
Okay, this the life that I live
Action packed so I'm stunting boy
Never fronting boy
Music over all, this extra shit don't mean nothing boy
Still I'm fly as fuck just for no reason
High as fuck, nose bleeding
Make a change all year long so you can catch me up in that four seasons
Like blow, uh, check my temp
Where's it at? Below freezin'
Broke as hell my whole life
Never broke down, just worked broke 'till I broke even
While they never been broken I stack so much cash think I need a broker
On a PJ, in my PJs, next to the pilot, thanks to my flyness

[Hook : Kanye West & C Dot Castro]

[Verse 3]
Rattpack yeah I'd die for that
Cut the gat back and do a crime for that
We are too real, I need two mil, anything less I won't sign for that (Nope)
And these days everybody tryna rap
And they be signing all kind of whack
Asking me to get on their track boy ain't nobody got time for that
We get no sleep, insomniac
In the lab is where you'll find me at
Bitches hit my phone and when they don't be on
They think something wrong, hypochondriac
Cause when it come to them females, they get attached like e-mails
And everytime they see C, they be asking for details
But fuck that I keep moving forward
The perks and the fame, it's hard to ignore it
But if you see what I used to do before it
You could take my life and make a movie for it
We had to learn to love all the simple things
So we'd appreciate all the finer ones
Went from no hoes to sold out shows
Off brand clothes to designer ones
From the streets to hotel suites
I was just a youngin' running from the police
Now the fans runnin' for the front row seats
Haters looking at me funny cause I just won't cease
Now everywhere I go they pay me compliments
Put in work, now I'm living with the consequence
So when I say that I'm the best that ain't over confidence
Motherfucker that's common sense and that's real

[Hook : Kanye West & C Dot Castro]
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