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» » T PAIN - Karaoke

T PAIN - Karaoke

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Dear Akon forgive me for what I'm about to say
Dear Barry Wize I know you told me
Not to worry about it, man, but I can't let it ride
Dear God let's make it happen

I'm tryin' to be you, nigga, yeah nigga
Watch me do me, watch me do me
Watch me do me, watch me do me, yeah
Nappy Boy, Nappy Boy
DJ Khaled, aye yo Pain, I want you to go in
DJ Khaled, let's go man, we the best listen

I got up out the streets, so I ain't gotta steal
But listen to the radio it's obvious I still kill
But y'all was in the game way before me
So why you wanna do some shit I did in '03?

I'm layin' low key for a long time
But don't act like you know me, this is the wrong time
So grab ya microphone, set your auto tune and I'm a bust
A verse on yo ass like I oughta do

I ain't no gangsta dude, I ain't got a poppin' banga
But you know I'm powerful
When I'm pissin' off the gospel singer's
I'm tryin' to feed my kids, y'all niggas can die slowly
'Cause to me, it sound like a bunch of karaoke

Aye yo, fuck the imposter
Fuck these karaoke niggas, man
T-Pain, they wanna live your life, man
These some bitch ass niggas, man

It's the DJ Khaled, Nappy Boy
I'm goin' in, I'm goin' in, aye yo T-pain
I know you Khaled, I know you right now
Let me get 'em again

Listen it ain't all bad, some of ya please me
But the only niggas that's cool is Kanye and Lil' Weezy
I'm a hit maker, not a comedian
So why the fuck were these niggas laughin' at me
When I seen they ass?

This shit would never work, a one hit wonder bitch
But all that shit that you doin' now make me wonder this
Now why it's cool for you but it's not for me?
And why he ain't hop on my song and make it hot for me?

But you don't give a fuck, you just a swagger jacker
Now I'm a certified Lamborghinist and Cadillacer
'Cause I'm tryna feed my kids, y'all niggas can die slowly
'Cause just to me it sound like a bunch of karaoke

Y'all singin' the same old song, y'all some karaoke niggas
Karaoke fuck niggas, this is Nappy Boy
This is DJ Khaled, We Global with this hood shit
This what we do, why you wanna live our life?
You wanna live our lifestyle, aye yo T-Pain
Waddup Khaled, get them

Let me get a moment of silence for the late great Roger Troutman
Ya'll niggas ain't holdin' it down, so we had to put me at ya
Bitch, I'm Teddy Pain, the son of Teddy Riley
The father of the game, you bustin' niggas wildin'

How many niggas really wanna test?
Pain nigga riggen gotta be the best
Only muthafuckas tryna do what I did stealin'
Food from an infant sty from a kid

Twenty four years, twenty four cars
Bitch we the best we got plenty more stars
Every time you pussy muthafucka's try to stop me
It's plenty more hits, plenty more bars

Yeah, that's not cool baby, so that's not happenin'
Y'all keep on stealin' from me, let me try this rappin' thing
I know you know I hear ya, isn't that embarrassin'?
Set the game on fire, Teddy got some mean

Pussy nigga's step up if you really got good game
I got a lot of shit to say about a nigga but it's really not good things
That ain't no disrespect man, Y'all keep doin' ya shit
But my daughter told me to tell you to get off her daddy's dick

Aye yo Pain man I'm a call these niggas out
I'm a pull them skirts man, they fucked aye oh
Let me get them, fuck it

It's the DJ Khaled [Incomprehensible]
Big dog pit bull jamma scordian
Aka we da best, aka shit on nigga's dot com
Aka Nappy Boy bitch, We Global, We Global
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