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» » C.C.Catch - Soul Survivor

C.C.Catch - Soul Survivor

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Lady Lady Lai, you hurt me -
oh, don’t make me cry.
Leaving me (oh girl) - it’s easy:
he won’t say goodbye.
It’s a hard time for lovers
and a broken dream to you.
Let me stay together with my love forever.
I never wanna-wanna feeling blue.

Be my
soul-soul-soul-soul survivor - oh, come on take me higher.
Don’t let me down - oh, it’s just too late, girl.
Soul-soul-soul-soul survivor - it’s like a burning fire.
He pulls the strings of my deep emotions.

Tonight, the night - it’s alright.

Nothing, Lady, hurts forever -
stop your lipstick lies!
He will spend the night together
just with me - don’t try!
’cause my love is so precious -
love will never be the same.
And I’m never lonely ’cause he’s the only.
I never wanna-wanna play a game.

Be my

Tonight, the night - it’s alright.

It’s the night - it’s the night (yeah) he’ll win my heart.
It’s the night of my burning dream.
Secret love, secret love, oh, I wanna start.
I never wanna lose you, babe - oh, I’ll never break apart.

Be my
REFRAIN (twice)

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