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» » C.C.Catch - Stay

C.C.Catch - Stay

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C.C.Catch - Stay

(Verse 1)
The extreme is played with hearts
ABC of love to me
Troubles storm at paradise, maybe
Love full hurts, love for you
It s too hard too stop maybe
Stay by me tonight
Keep the love alive

And listen to your heart
I m hungry for your love
You always play your game tonight
Two rounds never make it right
Oh baby, stay
I wanna be your heart
Let s try a brand new start
Cause I m the one to be your love
I dry the tears I never show

(Verse 2)
Wasted days and wasted nights
Saved my love for you
Always hurt the one your love is true
Almost fire of desire
Are the ways of love to me
Stay by me tonight
Only love survive




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